Best UPS Battery Dealers in Delhi

The M/S Gupta Generator is one of the reputed UPS battery dealers in Delhi. We have created an efficient distributor network for the supply of uninterrupted power supply to support the UPS systems of individual clients and companies in IT and financial services. Our entire network is customer oriented as customers are our most valued part of our business.

As one of the best UPS battery dealers in Delhi our distribution network ensures prompt supply of UPS batteries to the client to ensure smooth and continuous power source. We deal with all types of batteries that are used in the uninterrupted power supply. There are two types of batteries lead acid battery, which is the most popular battery system used in the UPS. We offer our clients both types of lead-acid batteries used in UPS, i.e. tubular batteries and VRLA batteries. VRLA is a flat plate battery that does not require periodic topping up with water and normally does not emit any gases or fume on a continuous basis. This type of battery is used in applications where the backup requirement is in the range of 30 minutes to one hour.

The battery is used where the ambient temperature is not very high and there is space constraint. The tubular battery is used in the UPS systems, where the environmental conditions are tough and high ambient temperature is a common feature. The battery used a special technology and the active material is encapsulated in the polyester tubes to prevent shedding. As a reputed dealer in UPS batteries, our products are known for the excellent services, smooth operations, and long operational life.

Our wide distribution network ensures that the client gets the batteries without any gap in the power supply to their information technology system. We work with a vision to exceed the expectations of our clients and help them to run their businesses smoothly. Our dealing with our clients is transparent, honest, and conforms to the core values of our firm. As a distributor, we ensure that speed, promptness and delivery of product to the client within the time limit